">Caucasus Cable System

12.6 Tbps
across the Black Sea

a direct link between Georgia and the European Union

Stretching over a distance of 1,182 km across the Black Sea the Caucasus Cable System connects Poti, Georgia directly to Balchik, Bulgaria. Originally featuring 10G technology upon launch in November 2008 the system underwent an upgrade to 100G technology in 2015 multiplying its capacity to a total of 12.6 Tbps.
While initially destined to provide the Caucasus region with safe high-bandwidth low-latency connectivity, it now forms an essential part of the preferred alternative route between Europe and the Middle East avoiding the Red Sea, Egypt and the Mediterranean.

map of Caucasus Cable System

in safe depth

With a depth of more than 2,000 meters and a sandy seabed the Black Sea is benign for submarine cables. Far beyond the reach of fishing nets and anchors large parts of the Caucasus Cable System sit safe from human risks buried in the seafloor. The absence of seismic activities along the cable's route eliminates another relevant risk factor for submarine cables.

Because of its low risk profile the Caucasus Cable System has never suffered an outage since it became ready for service in November 2008.


12.6 Tbps

DWDM bandwidth per wavelength



12 ms


1182 km


8.2 years

cable cuts

0 outages

In service since 2008, the Caucasus Cable System was designed, manufactured, installed and upgraded by TE SubCom.

safe corridor to Europe

By crossing the Black Sea the Caucasus Cable System avoids areas of armed conflict and instability along the terrestrial routes around the Black Sea.
Due to its low risk profile and thanks to the safe onwards corridor from Georgia through Armenia into Iran the Caucasus Cable System has been forming the backbone of a unique route between Europe and the Middle East providing low latency, high bandwidth, outstanding reliability and least risk.


map of geopolitical risks in the Black Sea region


Launched in 2008 with an initial capacity of 1.92 Tbps the Caucasus Cable System has been upgraded from 10G to 100G technology in 2015, multiplying its capacity by a factor of 6.5 to 12.6 Tbps.

Thanks to its two separate fiber pairs, its coherent technology and TE SubCom's continuous innovations the Caucasus Cable System can be upgraded easily and smoothly leading to increased spectral efficiency and multiplied total capacity.

upgrade path from 1.92Tbps to 12.6Tbps